In Japan where original beauty sense and sensibility exist, designs that create “beautiful life” are generated by “natural sensibility” and stimulate “natural sensibility.”

About 400 years ago, there was a dancer called “kabukimono.” Her costumes and dances based on her creative and original sensibility were regarded as different and unorthodox but strongly appealed to people in those days. Her performances went through various transitions with times and polished up. Today, they are called “kabuki” and became Japanese culture and art that attract people all over the world. The founder of Rockstone and a furniture designer, Eiri Iwakura, expresses the harmony between human, goods and space based on his original concept, “life design.” At the bottom of his never ending creative activities, there lie “instinctive confidence” and “imagination” based on his own belief.

Eiri Iwakura furniture designer (1948-2019)

With strong intentions of creating a total well-being lifestyle design that harmonises people, objects and space through furniture, Eiri Iwakura founded ROCKSTONE, a furniture brand that embodies his vision in 1981. Since then, the company has developed a variety of products and numerous branding of domestic furniture brands, including Takayama Wood Works, which began in the 1990s as a collaboration with furniture craftsmen in Hida Takayama; KAMO, which utilises the traditional craft of Kiri-dansu (paulownia chest) in the 2000s; Totsukawa Living, which uses wood from forest thinning in Totsukawa Village; and the Tokyo-based furniture brand Tobi, which crystallises the spirit of master craftsmanship by Tokyo furniture craftsmen. These products and brands have won numerous awards in Japan and overseas, including the Good Design Awards in 1995, 1998, 2005, 2006, 2011 and 2003. Author of “Eiri Iwakura, Instinct of design: Livings and Chairs” (Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha, Ltd.) etc.

HISTORY ロックストーンの歴史


[Shibuya PARCO] during the late 1970’s has lead the forefront of the mode fashion of Japan. Eiri Iwakura started his own shop as a tenant in the interior brand building [PARCO Part Ⅲ] where he was actually the space director during its establishment. In 1981, the shop became the birthplace of his original furniture brand, ROCKSTONE.


In the early 1980’s, although there were some name brands imported from overseas, the value interior design and furniture were still not highly recognized in Japan, and there were no modern furniture from Japan with high design ability, In such background, ROCKSTONE took the lead in the mode fashion industry through providing furniture with advanced usage of materials with creative forms and a cool presence, to various apparel shops and hair salons.


ROCKSTONE in 1982 opened a showroom in its activity base, Daikanyama, and in the same year, [Karas highstool] became a hit with the ‘café Bar Boom’, broadening the furniture brand itself. Other unique products, such as [Kamui] [Kabuto] [Kimiko] followed the production in the 80’s, and has become the products that represent the ROCKSTONE brand up till this day.


In 1990, Iwakura starts to put focus on establishing other brands such as [Babylon] and [TAKAYAMA WOOD WORKS], and during the period of transition caused by the economic depression, ROCKSTONE will temporarily ease its activity.


It was around year 2000 when ROCKSTONE reactivates by attending various exhibitions in Japan, as in 2005 when the interior boom in Japan had reached its peak, Iwakura launched a showroom in collaboration with life style shop [LAUNE Omotesando.] “Beauty of Japanese Aesthetics” being the concept of LUANE’s merchandising, ROCKSTONE’s brand and design has appealed its presence amongst the furniture products selected from all over the world.


In 2007, the company underwent an organizational change and became known as ROCKSTONE CO., LTD. In 2008, the headquarters were relocated from Omotesando to Komaba. Under the leadership of the founder and executive designer, Eiri Iwakura, Rockstone launched its new branding activities.


In 2012, ROCKSTONE has reached its 30th anniversary since its establishment, and in the following year has opened a showroom in Living Design Center OZONE Shinjuku, and in JSWB Shanghai, as the first brand from Japan to open a showroom.


In 2014, a new showroom shop [ROCKSTONE Kanazawa] is established in Kanazawa, The showroom shop mainly equips ROCKSTONE brand products, with additional related items from the area of furniture, lighting fixtures, fabric and small ornaments that further propose Eiri Iwakura’s world of design.


In 2016, a new project is developed in Makuden Nagoya with “IWAKURA DESIGN COLLECTION”, displaying all representative product of ROCKSTONE as “ROCKSTONE・NAGOYA”, a showroom/shop that embodies the brand image.


To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Eiri Iwakura's design career, the "Eiri Iwakura's World: Design of Instinct - 50YEARS, 50CHAIRS" exhibition was held at Tokyo Living Design Center OZONE, Shinjuku.


During the same year, the "READY-MADE" series was introduced, followed by the release of the "BENTWOOD CHAIR" series. These chairs were made using domestically sourced hardwood, showcasing Rockstone's commitment to creating a sustainable furniture environment.


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